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Swings is a picnic place, a camping site, and a large outdoor adventure park in the heart of nature.

Our Services


Book a table, bring your own food and enjoy the picnic spirit with friends and family.


Warning! Our activities are lots of fun and are addictive too.


Book your day or night event: birthday and bachelor parties, corparate gatherings, team building and other celebrations


Not in a picnic mood? No worries, a cafeteria section is available.

General Info

Last updated Mar 2024

Opening days / hours

We open all days of the week.

9:00 a.m till 1:30 am
9:00 a.m. till mid-night
Check in at 4:00pm check out at 3:00pm (April to October)
9:00 a.m till 8:00 p.m / sunset
12:00 pm till 8:00 pm
Is a deposit required?

Yes, desposit is required for group reservations.

Do you accept debit/credit cards?

Yes, we do accept.

What if it rains?

We have no indoor space, however our camping tents and table canopies are water resistant.


Restrooms cleanliness is a high priority. The total is 8 units with 4 showers.

Are dogs allowed?

Yes with a doggy bag and not inside Kids Park and must always be on a leash.


A fee applies during weekends and weekdays.

What sort of items can we find at the kiosk?

Beverage hot and cold, candy and nuts, picnic gadgets, ice and ice cream.

Not allowed
  • Loud Speakers & loud musical instruments
  • All sorts of fryers
  • Bikes and balls

Rent A Picnic Table

Bring your own food and enjoy a wonderful picnic with friends and family.

$ 5
Kids under 12
Free of charge
Grill + 2kg Coal
$ 7

Book Your Table

Picnic Info

Is a reservation required?

Yes, in order to guarantee a place.

Is there a place to wash food?

Yes. A sink is available behind the toilets.

Can we put music?

No Speakers are allowed in. You may rent a small speaker at the Kiosk.

Is Electricity available?

Electric plugs are setup around camp to recharge you phones.


We use a natural method to keep wasps away from your table so you can enjoy a peaceful picnic.


We are testing more effective methods to keep these annoying creatures away from your table.

Do we pick our own table?

If you do not choose a specific table at time of reservation, it is often a first come first serve basis for unreserved tables.

Is there a fridge for customers?

The customers fridge is strictly for meat, veggies and cakes.

Camping gas

Swings offers a free camping gas station for customers. Personal camping gas is not allowed in for safety reasons.

Outdoor Fun

Our activities are fun, safe and for all ages! We are a free entrance park, providing a pay when you play credits system or 3-hour all play guided tours

3-hr Tours

Open play with a guide
Mon - Sat
Reservation is required

  • Pass Price
  • 1 $ 35
  • 2 $ 29
  • 3+ $ 25
  • Kids park $ 10

Price per Activity

Each activity can be 1 or more credits. Credits are not refundable but can be used any time

  • Credits Price
  • 1 $ 3
  • 6 $ 16.5
  • 10 $ 26
  • 20 $ 50
  • 50 $ 112.5
  • 100 $ 200
  • ActivityCredits
  • Human babyfoot 1
  • Classic games 1
  • Toddlers area 1
  • Rodeo 1
  • Bow & arrow 1
  • Pedal karts 1
  • Air-rifle shooting 1
  • Tree Climbing 2
  • Treetop adventure 2
  • Bungee trampoline 2
  • Giant swing 2
  • Leap of faith2
  • 360 swings 2
  • Human Slingshot 2
  • Crate Climbing 2
  • Kids park 5
  • Laser combat (1 hr) 5
Bounce Nets
Jumbo hammock-like netting suspended above the ground in the pine trees! You bounce, climb, jump and slide your way back to the ground safely.
Laser Combat
Paintball's best alternative. Upgraded equipment 2023 includes recoil and shock band
If you're going to be the best, you've got to ride the best.
Human Babyfoot
Team work makes the game work.
Tree Top Adventure
We have installed a Swiss solution with an integrated trolley for the continuous and completely safe transport of users in our high ropes courses.
  • Yellow: Ages 4-10
  • Blue: Ages 6-12
  • Green: Ages 8+
  • Red: Ages 10+
  • Black: Ages 10+
Giant Swing
The mother of all swings! One of our most popular activities. Just like that old playground favorite, but on a much larger scale.
Tree Climbing
The best of the best! Climb up to 15 meters and say hello to the birds. Two trees are set up with various climbing levels.
Crates Climbing
Fully harnessed, place one crate then stand on it then repeat. How high can you go? Crate climbing is all about balance and core strength.
Leap of Faith
Jump from 12m and experience an exhilirating free fall of 4m free fall before the machine catches you and lowers you to the ground. Not for the faint of heart!
360 Swings
A trained staff will strap your feet and arms to the metal swing. Begin to pump by squatting and standing up. If you maintain good technique, you will gain momentum and flip over the fulcrum.
Bungee Trampoline
The one and only, high flying, gravity defying thrill for kids of all ages. Jump up to 8 meters high!
Human Slingshot
Like a rocket, be prepared to launch up high in the sky.
Pedal karts
Pedal go-karts are every child's dream. Fun is guaranteed!
Our Geologic arcs kit is perfect for beginners (both children and adults) to discover archery safely. For more serious fun, our Recurve or Olympic bows will get you closer to that elusive bulls eye.
Air rifle Shooting
Air Rifle Shooting is a great test of skill and accuracy.
Kids Park
Attractions: Wheel swing, run-a-way zipline, tricycle track, trampoline, baby swings, chalk board, and sand box.
Navigate your way through a life-sized maze and get lost.
Outdoor Gym
Attractions: 3 levels (Yellow, Blue, and Red). Warped wall, side steps, balance boards, tarzan net, spider wall, teater log, and more

Activity Park Info

Do we need a reservation for the activity park?

Yes, morning activity sessions (9:00 a.m - 2:00 p.m) from Monday till Friday are often reserved for summer camps.

What are the opening hours?

All week, 9 am till sunset.

Do you have insurance?

Yes. All activities are safe, monitored by trained staff and insured.

Who runs the activities?

We hire responsible senior students who are trained to run the activities safely.

What do you sell in the Kiosk?

Beverage hot and cold, chips and candy, nuts, and ice cream.

Are the tickets refundable?

No, but can be saved and used any time.


Book a space for your events

Camping space
  • Fits up to 100 campers
  • 18 kodiak tents in a private area
  • Mattresses provided
  • Seating provided
  • Tent fits 4 to 6 people
  • 50$ per tent
  • Checkin at 4 pm
  • Check out at 3 pm
  • Music till midnight
  • Max noise level 85 decibel (from 30 meters away)
Picnic space
  • Fits up to 150 visitors
  • Seating provided
  • Mega grill available for extra charge
  • 6$ per person
  • Open till 1:30 am
  • Night activity programs available
  • Music from 8 till midnight
  • Max noise level 85 decibel (from 30 meters away)


A no-picnic zone is dedicated for those who are not bringing in their food and would like to enjoy a good meal at the cafeteria.

A hop, step and jump from Beirut!

Baabdat - Mar Moussa Road
Zaraaoun, El Metn, Lebanon

+961 03 796648